Homemade chocolate chip cookies baked on site from our mobile cookie bakery. Yum!

Monster ice cream sandwiches made from our delicious cookies filled with top of the line soft serve ice cream  & frozen to allow you to savor the flavor.

Not to forget our gourmet Cold brew  and frozen coffee creations for a little extra energy. 

Cookies, Coffee & Ice Cream

The Norray family has been producing high quality honey since 1956.  Our three generations of beekeepers  focus on producing tons of 100% raw wild flower honey. Over the years we have refined the skill of blending the highly sought after local honey flavors that the Norray name is known for.

The demand for our gourmet ice cream cookies and homemade chocolate chip cookies has led us to shift our resources to the Cookie and Ice Cream Cookie side of the business. It is with joy and sadness that we will no longer carry the bourbon or apple barrel honey flavors.  We thank all of our customers both retail and wholesale for their many years of support.

We will continue to offer wildflower honey to our customers from our Pleasant Valley Rd location on a more limited basis.   

The Cookie house

Limited Honey Production

​​​Black sheep Honey