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Barrel aging

Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey is a premier product featuring the sweet flavor of honey with the spicy and smoky flavor of bourbon whiskey.  Barrel aged honey is delicious in teas, yogurts and as a special ingredient in your favorite recipes.   We enjoy it over ice cream and on our grilled pork.

Recently emptied bourbon whiskey barrels are selected from an award winning Tennessee distillery. Then the barrels are filled with 100% pure raw wild flower honey.  The barrels are left to age drawing the smoky bourbon flavor in to the honey.

The Norray family has been producing high quality honey since 1956.  Our three generations of beekeepers  focus on producing tons of 100% raw wild flower honey. Over the years we have refined the skill of blending the highly sought after local honey flavors that the Norray name is known for.  

Located in the heart of theHelderberg Mountains

Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey

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