Black sheep Honey

How did Black Sheep Honey get its start?

The rebel child took the family honey and put it in a bourbon barrel much to the first generation's surprise.   He has always been one to push the limits of his parents heart thus earning him the nick name of the black sheep.  

Now the black sheep is pushing the limits of the traditional bee keeping industry with Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey. 

Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey

Norray's Honey

Tim enjoys teaching beekeeping to all ages.

His personal goal is to make sure the art of beekeeping is passed on to the younger generations. 

Papa bear began keeping bees back in 1956. His love of people and knowledge of bees has been passed down to three generations of beekeepers.   

Norray's honey is pure raw and un-filtered wild flower honey. Large sizes are available upon request.  

Norray's Honey & Black Sheep Honey