Black sheep Honey

Our starter hives last year were were very successful. This picture is showing the hives in late August.  

*Actual results may vary.

There is no argument, this is the best way to start a new beehive, regardless if you are a professional or just getting started.

Each box will contain the following:

  • A 2017 Carniolan queen selected because they are gentle, productive and can overwinter in NY better than other queens. (This queen typically lays 1,000 eggs a day!)
  • 3 Frames with brood - More brood equals more eggs that are about to hatch, making your hive stronger and more successful. 
  • 1 Frame of pollen and honey - because they need to have food. 
  • 1 Frame of foundation - to give them room to expand without wanting to swarm.

Available for pre-order at the following AGWAY stores:

Altamont Country Values

Capital Agway

Claverack Agway

Chatham Agway

Cobleskill True Value/Agway

Great Barrington Agway

Millerton Agway

Nassau Country Value

Check back soon to see our list grow. 

**Hives will be delivered to the Agway store ready for pickup in Mid May.

Norray's Apiary

Nuc hives are sold out for this year.

Norray's Honey is a family business that has three generations of beekeepers working to make strong, hardy honey producing hives for their customers.

State Inspected and kid approved! 

5 Frame Nucleus Hives 

For Sale

Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey 

Sold Out

for 2017