There is no argument, this is the best way to start a new beehive, regardless if you are a professional or just getting started.

Each box will contain the following:

  • A 2018 Carniolan queen selected because they are gentle, productive and can overwinter in NY better than other queens. (This queen typically lays 1,000 eggs a day!)
  • 3 Frames with brood - More brood equals more eggs that are about to hatch, making your hive stronger and more successful. 
  • 1 Frame of pollen and honey - because they need to have food. 
  • 1 Frame of foundation - to give them room to expand without wanting to swarm.

New this year:

You can place your order through the farm  and pickup at the farm on June 2nd.  

Place your online order for pick up at the farm.

Or  pre-order  and pickup at the following AGWAY stores:

Altamont Country Values

Capital Agway

Claverack Agway

Chatham Agway

Great Barrington Agway

Millerton Agway

Nassau Country Value

**Hives ordered from your local AGWAY will be delivered to the Agway store ready for pickup in Mid May.

Norray's Apiary

Sorry, we are sold out for 2018

Norray's Honey is a family business that has three generations of beekeepers working to make strong, hardy honey producing hives for their customers.  Order your bees for pickup at the farm.

State Inspected and kid approved! 

‚Äč5 Frame Nucleus Hives 

For Sale

Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey 

Our starter hives last year were were very successful. This picture is showing the hives in late August.  

*Actual results may vary.

Black sheep Honey